A proven, strategic marketing agency for blockchain brands.




Programmatic Advertising

We’ve established Crypto’s largest data set of 30M (GDPR compliant) unique ID’s to target only people interested in cryptocurrency around the world. We run scalable ROI positive campaigns around the web, driving towards your CPA goals.


Investor Pitch Coaching

Our pitch coaching and design workflow has been proven to win hackathons, contests, and most importantly, investors.


Strategic Consulting

We’ve guided companies from the ground level to become cultural epicenters. Let’s help fill in the gaps of what’s needed to build gravity around your concept.


Public Relations

Journalism in the blockchain space can be tricky, but we’ve established relationships and locked in coverage with tier 1 publications such as WSJ, Bloomberg and CoinDesk, just to name a few. 


Branding & Design

We’ve created and designed brand voices, name, logos and guidelines for multi million dollar crypto brands.


Video + Blog Content

We’ve ghost written dozens of SEO centric blogs, copy edited video explainer scripts and led Vlog strategy and coaching sessions leading to higher consumer trust.


IEO placement

We’ve established relationships with several international exchanges to enable token sale raises. If this ability makes sense for your decentralized business, let’s discuss



We’ve identified and negotiated deals with top crypto influencers to enable maximum exposure to brands.

Rob consulted on our brand voice, positioning, sales and business development and added an immense amount of value to our offerings. I couldn’t recommend him strongly enough.
— Max Galka, CEO of Elementus


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Our founder, Rob Behnke started and exited 2 companies before falling down the crypto rabbit hole in 2013. After investing and consulting with blockchain centric companies for years, he put a crew together of similarly emboldened entrepreneurs, engineers, and marketers who all align to enable blockchain to reach it’s full potential.

At the Token Agency, we believe empathy and technology should work hand-in-hand.

You’ve already built the foundation. Let our expertise help you rocket past the known, and create the gravitational force which will pull your stars together into a new galaxy.